Lost and afraid
Unsure of yourself and of your future
You know where you’ve been, but unsure of where you are
Have no idea in what direction you’re headed
You have goals and dreams
Thoughts come
One by one…
Like passing trees on a nighttime drive
But the headlights only illuminate a tiny stretch of the road
All else is dark.

You are not alone
They watch
They wait
To help you catch yourself when you fall

Catch yourself
Put one foot in front of the other
Stop thinking
Stop thinking you need to have all of the answers now
Be still, be silent
Listen,… they will guide you
Don’t think today how tomorrow will go
Think tonight about tonight
And tomorrow about tomorrow.
Do not be concerned

One foot… then the other…

Keep moving forward

You know all you need to know right now
You have all you need to have

You are all you need to be

Today is beautiful, and tomorrow even more so

The still, small voice says, “Trust yourself.”